Cambridge Food is a food retailer powered by Masscash. It started in the 1990s with only six stores selling fresh meat in KwaZulu-Natal.

Today, we are a chain of more than sixty outlets operating in all nine provinces. Our mission is to help customers save money so they can live better lives. At Cambridge Food, we offer our customers a wide range of quality national brands plus goods that we source and package under our own brand label across all major categories of fresh and perishable products, groceries, general merchandise and appropriate services, mostly for cash, powered by Masscash.

Save Money Live Better.

At Cambridge Food, we promise to deliver the best value to our customers. We know that they’ve worked hard for their money and in turn, we work hard to ensure that we can make their budgets stretch as far as possible. We are sensitive to their needs and consider them in all our decisions. Whether its store location, product ranges, media selection, customers are top of mind in all these decisions.

Focus on Fresh

At the heart of our business is our commitment to offering the very best value for money in fresh foods. Dedicated service departments line each of our stores, including a Grade-A butchery, a meal solution-focused take-away, a home-style scratch bakery, which bakes fresh hot bread throughout the day, and a popular chesanyama on-site braaiing service. Add to this the freshest fruit and vegetables from our produce department, and Cambridge Food has every meal covered.

Additional Services for Greater Convenience

In an effort to bring you the best one-stop shopping experience, our Money Centre allows you to take care of all your money matters whilst shopping with us. So, whether you’re looking for an easy way to pay accounts or transfer money to a loved one, we have quick and convenient services available for you.

Cambridge Food Liquor

Our customers have a wide portfolio of liquor brands available to them from ice-cold beers, ciders, locally produced wines and fine whiskey to cater for all occasions. Visit your nearest Cambridge Food Liquor Store for a wide range of everyday local favourites at affordable prices.

Cambridge Food Liquor

Our Private Label

Cambridge Food prides itself on our house brands – Price First and Cambridge Food. Have you tried our exciting array of products yet? If not, you should! You will not be disappointed.
Our products are affordable and allow you quality for every Rand spent. Our mission is to help our customers save money every day so that they can live better lives. Trust us with your money as we have your best interests at heart.
Did you know?

·  Our products are tested in accordance to a comprehensive testing schedule by an independent laboratory to ensure our quality standards never drop!
·  Our suppliers’ factories all have Food Safety audits in place which means they manufacture product that is safe to consume.  
·  Our suppliers adhere to global Responsible Sourcing practices which means our products are internationally acceptable.
·  Cambridge Food and Price First are exclusive brands to Cambridge Food and Rhino stores. You will not find them anywhere else!
We have passion for private label! Our goal is to ensure that you, our customer, gets the best possible product for your hard earned money. Our products are priced right so you have more money in your pocket to spend on your family and loved ones.
Our brands, are brands you can trust! 

Ethics Reporting and Guidance Line

There to help you report workplace dishonesty, fraud and other unethical behaviour call

South Africa: 0800 203 246 - Toll Free Number (Telkom Smart-Access)

Botswana: 00269 800 7861 036 - Toll Free Number

Ghana: 0307 084 830 - Toll Free Number

Kenya: 08002 219 008 - Toll Free Number

Lesotho: 800 62000 - Toll Free Number

Malawi: 800 026 9000 - Toll Free Number

Mozambique: 824001 - Toll Free Number (TMcel)

Namibia: 0800 000 077 - Toll Free Number (Telecom Namibia)

Nigeria: 07 080 601 109 - Toll Free Number

Swaziland: 800 1333 - Toll Free Number (SPTC/EPTC)

Tanzania: 0800 78 0006 - Toll Free Number

Uganda: 0800 113224 - Toll Free Number

Zambia: 8877 - Toll Free Number (ZICTA)



We are a part of a Bigger Family

Cambridge Food is a retail chain powered by Massmart, now the African presence of Walmart International, its majority shareholder.


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