We’ve made making money transfers simple for you by using our money transfer service with Standard Bank’s Instant Money to send or receive money up to R5000 per day or R25000 per month.

How it works:

• Visit your nearest Cambridge Food store.
• Bring along your South African ID as well as the phone number of the person you’re sending money to.
• You will choose a 4-digit PIN and pay the money to the recipient at a R9,95 fee.
• You will then receive a Money Transfer voucher via SMS
• You should also remember to share your PIN with the receiver.
• If you are receiving money, make sure you have the PIN to receive the money being transferred to you.
• The money can be collected at our stores or at selected Game, Builders and Makro stores.
• The money can also be withdrawn at any Standard Bank ATM.

Send and Receive money using Standard Bank Instant Money at any participating Cambridge Food store.

Standard Bank

*You can also cash out at any participating Standard Bank ATM and Rhino Cash and Carry Store

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